Chinese Ceramic Study Association

Vol.3  Northern Qi Ceramics(2010)

Featuring ceramics from the Norther Qi dynasty. The first public presentation of Nortehrn Qi ceramics in the Tokiwayama Bunko Foundation collection with color plates. 158 pages, 16 color plates and a 65-page “Compilation of Data on Datable Excavatd Materials from the Northern and Southern Dynasties” with more than 800 monochrome plates.


'On the Occasion of the Publication of Nortehrn Qi Ceramics' Gakuji Hasebe
'White Wares in Northern Dynasties(Summary)' Ritsuko Yajima
'Explanatory Text for Tokiwayama Bunko Collection Works(Summary)' Sarah Sato
'Compilation of Data on Datable Excavated Materials from the Northern and Southern Dynasties' Sarah Sato