Chinese Ceramic Study Association

Vol.5 “Dongyao” Celadon (2013)

Featuring “Dongyao 東窯” celadon, an important subject of inquiry carried out by Fujio Koyama and Gakuji Hasebe.

198 pages, 24 color plates and a 56-page “Compilation of Data on Datable Excavated Materials” from the “Mise secret color” celadon found at Famensi (dated 894) to the presence of Ru ware at the end of Northern Song Dynasty with more than 800 monochrome plates.
















'Northern Song Dynasty Celadon and Ru Ware'  Gakuji Hasebe
‘Positioning the Dongyao Type in the Development of Song Dynasty Celadon in Northern China’ Atsushi Imai
'The Linage of Northern Song Dynasty Pale-Colord Celadon in Northern China’ Ritsuko Yajima
‘The History of Research on “Dongyao”’ Keiko Mikasa
'Explanatory Text for the Color Plates (Summary)' Sarah Sato
'Compilation of Data on Datable Excavated Materials from the Northern and Southern Dynasties' Sarah Sato