Chinese Ceramic Study Association

vol.6 Yonaiyama Shards III (2016)

Publication of this book, Yonaiyama Shards III, concludes the Yonaiyama Project, one of the projects of the Chinese Ceramic Study Association of Tokiwayama Bunko Foundation.

This volume features the Xiuneisi collection, which differs from the Jiaotanxia materials organized in the previous volumes. This Xiuneisi collection contains various type of wares and was quite different from the image that Japanese people had formed of Chinese imperial celadon wares. This divergence from expectation meant that these materials have been forgotten since their initial discovery and dissemination. However, given the existence of Yonaiyama’s own hand written detailed records regarding all of the shards in the Xiuneisi collection – similar to his notes on the Jiaotanxia collection – we believed that the Xiuneisi collection was worth organizing as part of our Yonaiyama project series. We hope that this book will contribute to the understanding of how Mr.Yonaiyama tried to grasp and explain the elusive Xiuneisi issue.

148 pages, covering all Yonaiyama shards and kiln tools by 20 color plates.


'Records, Extant Wares and Excavated Shards' Atsushi Imai
'Yonaiyama Xiuneisi Shards' Sarah Sato
'Xiuneisi Materials Collected by Tsuneo Yonaiyama: Kiln Tools and Shards' Hirotsugu Sekiguchi