Chinese Ceramic Study Association

vol.7 Early White Porcelain (2018)

White porcelain appeared at the end of 6th century as an extension of celadon production techniques. This development in turn invited the flowering of various kinds of porcelain such as blue-and-white ware or enamel ware. At its inception, however, the question was asked, why was white porcelain made?
152 pages all, 20 color plates of Tokiwayama collection and a 39-page ‘Compilation of Data and Datable tombs’ and ‘Compilation of Excavation Reports of Kiln Sites’ with monochrome plates.




Early White Porcelain: How white porcelain was developed' [Summary] Sarah Sato
Compilation of Data nad Datable Tombs [Japanese only] Sarah Sato
Compilation of Excavation Reports of Kiln Sites [Japanese only] Sarah Sato
Explanatory Texts for the Plates [Japanese only] Sarah Sato, Keiko Mikasa