Mallet Shaped Vase with Phoenix-Shaped Handles

  • Celadon, Longquan ware, H.27.5cm
  • Southern Song dynasty, 13th century

While many vases of this shape have been passed down in Japan, they are rarely found in countries other than Japan, even in China where they were manufactured. There are many vases with ‘Mallet shaped body with phoenix-shaped handles’, but they are not uniform in terms of overall balance and phoenix making. In the case of this work, the most distinctive feature is the elaborately crafted phoenix-shaped handles. While there is a simplified phoenix, this work has fine details such as the eyes and beak of the face carved firmly. And the clear lines created by the thin neck give the vase sophisticated impression.
On the surface of the lid of the box, there is a note of authenticity of this vase attributed to Kanamori Sowa, a famous tea master in the early Edo period.